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About Bitcoins Hockey Pool

This is a for fun hockey pool using bitcoins.

If you have fun playing the bitcoin hockey pool, you can send your donations to: 1KmjLikjY6xHeSb6H1mJTddh65K9vCAdAA


Bithockey Rules

Pool Sponsors

Technical Details

Bitcoin Resources


Whats a Bitcoin?

A bitcoin is a token based on data you own. (private keys)

Bitcoins can be produced through 'mining' them with intensive computitional power over many hours or they can be traded.

For more Bitcoin related resources, please see the bottom of this page.

BitHockey Rules

Bitcoins have no cash value on this website.

  • Since it's possible to produce your own bitcoins, there is no cost to play....all you need is bitcoins!

  • To play, simply click on an available square in the pool. Enter in a nickname and a bitcoin address where you would like your bitcoins to go if you win.

  • Once you reserve your square, a unique deposit address is generated and you have 1 hour to pay the pool fee to the deposit address or you forfeit your square.

  • You can buy as many squares as you like, but I think 4 is optimal. This gives you a 1:25 chance to win the pool.

  • Approx 1/2 hour before the game starts, the pool will automaticlly close and no further entries will be permitted.

  • Random numbers from 0-9 will then be drawn down the left and bottom of the grid to represent the possible outcomes of the game.

  • Sit back, drink beer and watch the hockey game on TV!

  • When the game ends, the person who owns the square that matches the score at the end of regulation time wins the pool!!!

  • The pool payout amount will be up to 100 x the deposit amount (dependant on entries) + any rollover amount.

  • If anyone is feeling generous they can sweeten the pot by simply overpaying for their square.

  • The house takes 0% of pool entry fees.

  • To help with the operating costs of running the pools, you can become a sponsor or make a kind donation to: 1KmjLikjY6xHeSb6H1mJTddh65K9vCAdAA

  • If the winning square is unoccupied, the pool amount will roll over to the next day's pool.

Deposit Limitations

This is an automated system and there are several deposit limitations you should be aware of:
  • 1 Hour limit - When you reserve a square, you have 1 hour to deposit your bitcoins. We MUST receive 1 confirmation within that hour or you will loose your square. We recommend that you use a min transaction fee to ensure that your transaction is confirmed quickly.

  • Incorrect Deposit Amount If you are feeling generous, you can over-pay for your square on the pool to "sweeten the pot". Overpayments are automatically added to the pool.

Pool Sponsors

We are currently accepting sponsors for our pools.

Sponsorship is only 5% of the pool payout amount.

For example, if each square costs .01 btc, the pool payout would be 1 BTC. To sponsor this pool, the cost would be .05 BTC.

When you sponsor a pool, your banner is displayed above the pool you sponsor and on EVERY page specific to the pool. (entry pages, details page, etc)

Your banner will be seen hundreds of times by by interested bitcoiners!

Technical Details

I know all you bitcoin people out there love the technical details of things, so I will list some features of this project:
  • Programmed in Python on Google's Appengine. Why? Idk really. I guess I just wanted to learn something new. Would I do it again on appengine? Probably not.

  • This little snippet of code is the random score generator. It's automatically run when the pool closes and before the game starts. It's run on the x and y axis of the grid to generate the matrix of possible scores.
    def lotto():
    mylist = range(10); #create a list of numbers from 0 to 9
    random.shuffle(mylist); #shuffle the list
    return mylist; #return a random list of numbers

    I'm open to suggestion on how to make the shuffled list based on the blockchain some how. (As long as the solution won't involve me installing Flash, buying an atomic clock off ebay or reprogramming the space shuttle in JavaScript.)

Bitcoin Resources

Bitcoin.org Bitcoin information and links to download bitcoin client.

CoinForum.ca Canada's Bitcoin Community Forums

BitcoinTalk.org General Bitcoin Forums